Director’s Message

“Greetings from HK Rehab- A Paediatric Milestone Centre” We offer one of the highest quality rehabilitation programs. I have watched the growth of our Rehab from its infancy and I can assure you that it has always kept an eye on quality. We make sure that each and every patient receives the hands-on, individual attention that patients deserve.

HK Rehab has a phenomenal group of physical, occupational and speech therapists that provide skilful care. Our centre provides great therapy for conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD, Intellectual disability and other Genetic Disorders. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the therapists and support staff.

HK Rehab continues to be able to strive towards the goal of providing cutting edge rehabilitation. I look forward to share the goal of providing the highest quality, comprehensive patient care and support our little ones to achieve their milestones.


Our Mission

To Make A Meaningful Difference In The Lives Of Special Need Children And Their Families. We Accomplish Through Innovation And High Quality Service According To Their Needs.

Our Vision

A Society Where Our Special Children Receive Training And Education That Will Enable To Achieve Their Potential.

HK Rehab Centre - A Pediatric Milestone Centre for treating children with neurological challenges and help them to participate effectively and efficiently in the society.

We use a Multidisciplinary approach that combines the knowledge and creativity of every department to meet child’s specific therapy needs.

The team believes it is important to work through a child’s strength to build up their weakness.